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  • Why should I choose Eric Jones?

    Eric Jones is a Registered Building Practitioner. For commercial projects, we are fully EBA compliant.

    We guarantee that our products are made from the highest quality materials and our workmanship is second to none. We take no shortcuts during the manufacturing process, so you can expect the best.

  • Are you EBA compliant for commercial projects?


  • What types of staircase do you mostly supply?

    We supply and install all types of staircases, from natural timbers and fine timber laminates, to medium density fibreboard (MDF), to steel and everything in between. Most of our staircases are made from materials which builders and owners view as finished products: hardwoods, glass, steel, and stainless steel.

  • What materials do you recommend?

    Choice of materials depends on a range of factors. They include but aren’t limited to questions such as:

    • function and aesthetics
    • fire rating
    • self-supporting or integrated into the building’s structure
    • extent of light penetration
    • disability code compliance
    • traffic density
  • What materials do you avoid?

    We avoid non-certified timbers. The environmental impact of cheap timber can be catastrophic.

  • How much of your design and manufacturing process do you outsource, and to whom?

    We are a start-to-finish, integrated operation. With multiple designers, drafts people, and skilled artisans and crafts people in-house, we have little to no need to outsource.

  • Do you supply staircase kits for builders to assemble themselves?

    We do, and have supplied them all over the world.

  • Can you customise staircases to my clients’ specifications?

    Yes. Give our designers even an approximate brief and we will create the product from the ground up.

  • As volume builders, our residential projects can involve scores of homes or apartments at a time. What is the maximum number of staircases you can handle at any given time?

    The largest single project we have completed to date was 760 timber and glass staircases over 18 months. We supply and install around 4,000 staircases a year, so we can handle volume.

  • As expert stair manufacturers, what kind of consultancy advice can you give to builder clients prior to entering a contract?

    For builders, we provide a free quotation and design advice for most styles, conformations, and materials, dependent on desired outcome and budget.

  • How does your pricing structure work?

    We cost each design, build, and installation individually, dependent on the staircases involved.

  • Can you source good quality, low cost, overseas staircases that comply with Australian standards?

    No. We manufacture all staircases in-house. We don’t compromise on quality and safety. All our products meet or exceed Australian codes, and quality standards, recognised as among the highest in the world.

  • How does the installation process work, and how long does an average 2-3 storey installation take?

    Stairs are delivered to site either on the day of installation or the day prior. A conventional timber or steel staircase takes about a day to install. Complex commercial stair and balustrading packages can take up to several weeks, depending on factors such as shape, size, site access, and extent of the project.

  • What is your guarantee/warranty policy?

    We warrant all our products for 10 years.

  • Who are your major clients?

    You can take a look at some of the staircases we have manufactured and installed on our commercial gallery page.

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