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Staircase designs represent one of the most complex components of any multi-story residential or commercial structure.

With nearly 75 years’ experience in design and manufacture, Victoria’s leading builders and architects trust Eric Jones to guide them to the best solutions.

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Our offer begins with a free and confidential advisory and design consultancy service for builders.
Consultancy considers:


  • your current clientele
  • your preferred targets and demographics
  • ideal locations
  • quantity, size and value of projects.
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A distinctive feature of working with us is our in-house design capability. Rather than time-and-resource-consuming outsourcing, we work directly with builders, architects, and designers clients to create flexible bespoke solutions.

Sophisticated computerised modelling means we can offer clients virtually limitless custom design options. In the process we enhance choice and minimise risk before production. It also allows us to present a vast array of options in combinations of materials: timber, steel, and glass.

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Our CAD capabilities give clients wider options, especially builders
developing large-scale and complex projects.

They know we can scale up quickly and economically to deliver locally manufactured solutions unhindered by overseas restraints.

Attractive as cheaper mass produced foreign products may be, they too often come with a hidden cost. Our adherence to Australian standards and ISO certification protects our clients. They value the immunity we give them to variables and compromises in design, materials, manufacturing, and quality control that can result in costly re-works.

As a builder, when you decide to partner with us, you gain access to our senior draughts people, proprietary custom designs and our staircase manufacturing experience, knowledge, and systems.
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