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Steel Balustrade

Wrought Iron

Wrought Iron, or Steel balustrade has become extremely popular in the past 10 years. It can provide a very classical look or a very modern look depending on the style and configuration chosen.

Metal Balustrade

There was a time when staircases were constructed with a single material, a general design and adopted one specific style whether the home was built to historic or modern times. This era has brought about changes in tastes and hence innovation in the products demanded. Have you ever seen a staircase created to suit traditional environments but installed in contemporary surroundings? You will easily point the odd one out in these situations. The same goes with the accessories to stairs, which include the balustrades, handrails, glass panels etc.With changing times, the need for compact solutions that provide strength as well as durability is rising and opting for wooden stairs and balustrades doesn’t fit that scenario. Eric Jones Stair Building is well known in Victoria for providing staircase solutions for years. We strive to make the builders and architects of Australia play to their strengths when doing their jobs.Balusters, which are also called a stair sticks or spindles, are straight or moulded into different shapes that make the staircase appear gorgeous. With our exclusive service of custom balustrade designs and construction, our clients are left with endless possibilities. You can select from metal balustrades or several other materials, which include:

  • Hardwoods
  • Softwoods
  • Plaster
  • Cast Stone
  • Polymer Stone
  • Polyurethane/Polystyrene
  • Cast Iron
  • Wrought Iron

The Benefits Of Wrought Iron In Metal Balustrades Include:

  • Welds better than steel
  • Is suitable where exposed to harsh weather
  • Resists shock and vibration
  • Fibrous structure is not prone to sudden breakage like steel

The Benefits Of Cast Iron In Metal Balustrades Include:

  • It is brittle
  • It is non-elastic
  • Can be shaped into various forms and expands on cooling
  • It can be fused easily form other iron compositions

Most commercial clients opt for metal balustrade or steel balustrade for staircases that pose a modern, shiny and elegant look. With stainless steel balustrades, you do not just get the physical strength but these balustrades will also satisfy spectators with its presence. When used in handrails, stainless steel gives the softness and shine required to make any space gleam with its beauty.

Steel balustrade will complement any curved, straight, spiral, floating staircase and stringed staircase and will provide the strength to the handrails to give the users a firm grip. Metal balustrades are suitable indoors and outdoors, whether it is a roadside double-story café, apartments, villas, modern beach house, business parks etc.

Eric Jones Stair Building offers reliable products combined with the constructional experience of builders, developers, architects and contractors to make you choose us as your favourite supplier. Our experienced IT technicians will draw a 3D image using computer systems and professional software, integrating your innovative ideas and coupling our creativity to present you with a striking staircase that is the buying point for your customers.

Our compliance with rigorous work and quality standards enable us to provide consistency and satisfaction through every staircase that we design. At Eric Jones Stair Building, we combine compelling materials with polished design options to give you a magnificent flight of stairs in a timely manner.