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Open String Staircase

Open staircases are light and contemporary, letting natural light flow through to the lower floor while maintaining an uncluttered look in the stair void. Eric Jones Stairbuilding Group offer central steel carriage strings, central timber carriage strings, Traditional Open Timber stairs or cantilevered timber or steel stairs.

Open Staircase


Floating Staircase

Ever felt the need to create a medium of travelling upstairs that is both fun and beautiful, even if you just look at it? You must have seen several staircases that are huge and masculine but have you ever looked at a staircase that is compact yet gorgeous and allows for greater space, no matter where you install it; in a corridor or a hall?

In the old days, houses were installed with massive staircases that made the room look stuffy and the only thing that was prominent in the room was the staircase. With changing tastes on the rise, people now demand more from less, whether you are designing or renovating a room. The Eric Jones team can provide you with open staircases and floating staircases in Victoria, Australia that will leave you awestruck.

What is a floating staircase? Well, the word explains it simply. A flight of stairs installed with no support underneath is known as floating stairs. This means that the risers are missing to emphasize the fact that there is nothing underneath the inclined structure. In some cases, people also opt for no handrail, which gives the whole structure more of a contemporary staircase look.

A floating staircase is an architectural masterpiece for small, dual-floor offices in the metropolitan area where you need to get as much inside as you can, under a budget. Operating in the city is usually high-priced and even getting a tacky floor to operate from proves difficult. Our floating staircases are a hit in these environments and our experienced team will ensure your installation is a breeze.

Where floating staircases serve the purpose of being flawlessly spacious, open staircases also make an impact. An open staircase is known for covering less space and also allowing maximum light to brighten up the room with the morning sunlight. Open staircases are similar to floating staircases in the sense that they provide the simplest solution of going from bottom to top floor or vice-versa.

Open staircases are normally built without risers, but if the risers are installed, they are made from thin transparent glass that is clean and lets you look underneath. An open staircase will appear elegant in any office building or a house that is built to modern tastes and will satisfy the trendiest of needs. Even the handrails are installed with glass to make your every step shine and uplift the whole room with light.

When you combine the characteristics of an open staircase and a floating staircase, what you are left with is a chic and modern look. An open string staircase will be a stunning addition to any hip environment. At Eric Jones Stairbuilding, we focus on builders, developers, architects and contractors to provide them with a variety of staircase materials that will give their project with an excellent look for both residential and commercial properties.

Choose a Cantilever Staircase and Create Floating Stairs

A cantilever staircase is another option for creating a design with the appearance of floating stairs. Anchored to a wall or beam, the stairs on a cantilever staircase will take on a seamless floating look, making them the perfect internal staircase for any modern home or office design. Whether your client wants a curved staircase or a straightforward cantilever staircase design, the options available from the Eric Jones team are sure to impress.

The material options for our cantilever, floating, and open internal staircases include:

  • Steel
  • Glass
  • Concrete
  • PFC
  • Timber of all types
  • Steel Truss
  • Wooden
  • Laser-cut Plate Steel
  • Metal

No matter what material you choose for your staircase, we make it our duty to serve you the best solutions in the industry that are every builder’s dream. We provide solutions, either standardised or tailored to an architect’s perception to ensure that you deliver the floating stairs or curved staircase that enhances your reputation and leaves your clients with the utmost satisfaction. We ensure on-time delivery with no compromise on quality to ensure you are happy with our services. Contact us today for more information.