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Glass Balustrade


Create a truly open look to a staircase and let more light into a home design with our glass balustrading in Melbourne. Attractive, eye-catching, and safe, properly designed and installed glass balustrading will make an excellent addition to your home.

Glass Balustrading

Are your customers demanding modern, elegant and spacious designs? Take advantage of reflective surfaces to create a shinier, more attractive design. With our glass balustrades in Melbourne, you can create a staircase that appears delicate but is packed with strength. Here at Eric Jones Stairbuilding, we have the right kind of staircase to tick all your architectural needs.

When you handle a project, you demand perfection in every job you execute because your reputation is at stake. When installing a staircase or renovating one, you have to keep some key factors in mind. These key factors are:

  • The Look You Want To Achieve: Your customers demand a specific look, and to cater to their needs is a builder’s job. You have to understand their main idea and reflect it in your work.
  • Style & Design: Secondly, you have to think about the style and designs that will complement the space. You have the choice of giving a space a traditional, modern, contemporary, classic, or commercial look, among others. Along with the style, your customers might also be fussy about the design, such as whether you are planning to install a bullnose, or go with winders (treads narrow on one side) if it is a spiral staircase. Glass balustrading in staircases can make it look delicate and elegant, which makes glass balustrades and glass balusters for stairs the perfect choice.
  • Materials:Material options include timber, steel and metal for stairs, as well as glass, metal, wood, cast stone and polymer stone for balustrades. Each material has its own properties and shines through the staircase differently. A glass balustrade will make any space look roomier and brighter, and with the combination of wooden or stainless steel handrails, the staircase will speak for itself.
  • Space: An architect has a calculated mind and utilizes space. Understanding that calculative skill, we provide builders with steel or stringed brackets and glass balustrades that would be picture-perfect in a modern style beach house near the windows facing the waves.

Glass balustrading brings a level of sophistication and a touch of classiness to any room. If you choose to install a glass staircase for your customers, then glass balustrades will make for a cherry on top; it will illuminate the room with delicateness and the whole space will appear nifty & clean.

If you are not satisfied with the general combinations for glass balustrade stairs in Melbourne, you can always browse our catalogue packed with a wide range of designs, material choices and style options that will open up your mind to new ideas. While browsing, you can also look in on some of the testimonials from your fellow builders, developers, architects and contractors about our offerings.

At Eric Jones Stairbuilding, we provide glass balustrading for residential and commercial spaces to make them attractive in a way that enhances the walker’s every step. For more information, or to get your glass balustrade in Melbourne, give us a call on 03 9874 0411.