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Choosing Railing Products and Balustrades for Indoor and Outdoor Buildings

Whether you want glass balustrades installed in an elegant hotel, or simple balusters for your home, take a look at our catalogue for a wide range of options. The Eric Jones team provides all your balustrades in Melbourne, ensuring unique and functional railing solutions, handrail profiles and brackets.

If you want to renovate an existing staircase, we can help you replace the faulty sections or upgrade the entire structure.

For all your balustrade and handrail solutions, explore our range today.

About Balusters

Balusters are the upright supports fitted between the stair and handrail, generally made of timber, glass, or steel; we have also made stairs using rope, sticks and netting. Their purpose is to provide the railing with additional support and to close off any areas with a risk of people falling through.

Our products come with easy to follow installation instructions, meaning a contractor or builder will be able to put everything in place without any complications or troubles.

Our products are available in a wide variety of sizes. If you need to replace any existing baluster design or handrail bracket, we can easily reproduce the style for you.

Exterior balustrades adorn steps, stairways, balconies, and decks. They are ideal for enhancing any outdoor space. Due to the exterior location and exposure to the elements, extra measures are taken in the manufacturing process to ensure their longevity.



Glass Balustrades

We specialise in a range of options for balustrading in Melbourne, including balustrades for commercial, industrial, and residential settings. Glass is a very popular choice for any interior setting. It is both sophisticated and contemporary. Glass balustrades are elegant and will complement most interior home styles.

Whether you want the entire staircase to be made of glass, or just the balusters, we guarantee you will be impressed with our products. The glass we install is of the highest quality and is designed to last for many decades.

Handrail Profiles and Brackets

In our catalogue, you will find a wide range of handrails, ranging in material from timber to stainless steel. They come in many different styles and sizes, our most popular being round and square.

When choosing a profile, you should consider the overall design of the stairs. The profile should complement the balusters and steps. If you have a particular design you want installed, let us know and we will custom make it for you. We aim to please our clients with unparalleled quality and surface finishes.

Handrail brackets, also known as railing brackets, are installed on the wall nearest to the stairway. They are designed to provide support to rails and glass balustrades. We offer them in three standard designs, each of which has numerous options for finishes, including:

For more information on our balustrade, handrail, and railing bracket options, contact us today.

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Let us know what type of balusters and stair materials your home or office setting requires. No matter where you are located in Victoria, we will help you plan your project with the finest balustrading solutions.

At Eric Jones, we have many years of experience in manufacturing glass balustrades and handrail products for commercial buildings and homes. For more information, call us at (03) 9874 0411 or you can contact us online.